Monday, September 28, 2009


I was part of the first generation of computers in school.  I learned basic and logo on apple IIC's in elementary school  Now today there are computers everywhere.  I have never been afraid of technology and computers because as a youth I was raised on them.  Some of my older peers are terrified of the technology, waxing philosophic of the years of mimeograph machine.  I taught first grade for 6 years before become the tech teacher and when I was there my one grade partner was in her early 60's and probably the greatest teacher with whom I have ever worked with.  She used her computer for basic paint and Appleworks.  After the first year where I showed her the possibilities of online lesson plans, grade books, research, etc...  She is now doing almost everything online and asking questions.  The reason she was able to do this is because she saw the possibilities and was not afraid.  I try to demystify as much as I can and try to show the possibilities without being a used car salesman and pushing technology down their throats.  Not understanding technology cna make it seem like voodoo but at one point TV, radio, cars, etc...  where scary and now they are just commonplace.  Once people realize this the fear should dissipate.

Technology is a great gift, it is a gift that takes work to understand.


  1. 10 CLS
    20 PRINT "Congrats on starting your blog"
    30 CLS
    40 PRINT "Keep it up, Mr. Curtis!"
    50 END
    60 PRINT "No, I don't mean end the blog, end the program!"

    Thanks for the ReTweet on my Swim-Lane Diagram post today!

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