Tuesday, October 6, 2009


When do I get time to teach instead of doing others work?
When do I get to teach without people walking in my room and just assuming i can stop to do everything for them?
When get I get all the equipment I need to do my job right?
When can people learn that computers is a class and not a place to shove their kids during their preps?
When will I learn to say no to people?
When will teachers know they need to have a basic understanding of computers to survive and not rely on me or others to do work?
When will I be able to do all the things I need without asking for aid or assistance for tasks?
When will my repairs take place that I put in for weeks ago?
When will people realize elementary school is as important if not more than High School?
When will the stress be replaced by happiness?
When will I get all my lesson plans done when I have to help a teacher find her email for the 23rd time this school year?
When will I stop complaining and just move on?
When will the phone stop ringing?
When will I ever feel like I belong in this job?
When will I find time to try out all the things I have learned through my PLN and be able to use them in class?
When will be as smart I pretend to be and as together as people think I am?
When will I put myself first instead of putting other teachers first?
When will I see the smiles as often as I used to see them when teaching first grade?
When will I know?

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