Monday, February 1, 2010

A Kind Word

Sometimes in this hectic world a small thing can be a major deal.  Last weekend was Educon in my backyard of Philadelphia but I couldn't go becuase of too much going on with my life with family members in rehab (Physical) and commitments that couldn't be cancelled.  This to me seemed to be the final nail in my coffin of web2.0 and trying to be a part of it.  I figured I would still go on, look at info but would not be an active part.  Why should I?  Everytime I tweeted something no one would respond, I had no resources that the people who follow me haven't already read and I just and so overwhelmed with the real world that my virtual world was crumbling.

But then,

While checking twitter for URL's to help my school or myself personally I got retweeted by cybraryman1.  He had replied about a comment I had made about track and field and from there he looked at my blog, liked it and placed it on one of his many impressive pages.  I told him thanks that I felt it was a waste of bandwidth but he liked it and said my blog is important.

I have had self esteem problems for years and in this super tech world of 2.0 I really felt like I didn't belong but now I do.  I have some great members in my PLN, mbteach, web20classroom, etc...  and I need to just take chances, focus, and find my virtual voice.

Oh, and also to share good words.  I forgot how good a few words can make a person.  It really changed my day, and I hope I can remember to be nicer and change some other peoples days for the best.

BTW you look wonderful have you lost weight?


  1. Chris,

    I'm so glad that you felt the PLN love! It's one of the most amazing feelings EVER. It definitely makes you want to spread the love and allow others to experience it!

    I'm glad we have connected f2f and online, it's been a rewarding experience for me!