Thursday, April 22, 2010

The hump

Every school year after testing the children and teachers go into this malaise.  2+ Months to go in the year and we are worn out from the stress of testing.

How do we get over this hump?

I am doing it by fully reorganizing my lab and how I do things. I am using web 2.0 tools for grade books(,  lesson planning(lesson planner advanced) and appointment books(  I am changing layout of room and all numbered tags to make everything neat and clean.

I am also trying to do more creative and interactive lessons.  The students are making trading cards of themselves and will work on either garageband or making some kind of video.

I know the change in room has helped me a bit and the students seem to be engaged with new vigor and excitement.  I hope that anyone who reads this can get over the hump like I am and have a great rest of the year.


  1. It is DEFINITELY that 'hump' time of year! Sounds like you did some spring cleaning. Good idea :)

    I'm sure your renewed vigor has rubbed off on your students!

    Let's pray we make it through the next 40 days!